The name “French kiss” originates from a prejudice. Many people believe that this type of kiss really appeared in France, although this is not known for sure.
Some theories suggest that the term “French kiss” comes from the romantic legend that surrounds France and especially Paris. The French capital and the Eiffel Tower are symbols of almost universal love. On the other hand, the name of this kiss, some say, is due to the image of the French, considered by the rest of the world (but especially by the Anglo-Saxons) as promiscuous, immoral and sensual people. who display their love and affection (indecently) in public.

Other theories assume that the origin of the “French kiss” is a derogatory, stereotyped term related to the behavior of the French during the war. A common Anglo-Saxon saying decrees that instead of fighting, the French prefer to “make love” with their cheeks and their mouth. It is also said that the French are used to sticking out their tongues in places where they do not feel well received.
Although some claim that the expression “French kiss” appeared around 1820, it is known with certainty that it became widely used starting with the 1920s.

A definition

The French kiss is a type of romantic or sexual kiss in which two partners touch their tongues and insert them into each other’s mouths.

Names of the French kiss

The old name, of Latin origin, of the French kiss is “Cataglottis”, from “Cata” = bottom and “glottis” = tongue.
In the French language, there is literally no expression of “French kiss”, the French calling this form of affection “embrasser avec la langue” (to kiss with the tongue) or, in the slang version, “rouler une pelle” (to roll/ roll a shovel”), or “rouler un patin” (to roll a skate”).
In English, the French kiss has many equivalents, the most used being: soul kissing, tongue kissing, tongue wrestling, slipping the tongue, sucking face, deep kissing, pulling, slug wrestling, tonsil tennis, tonsil ping-pong, meeting, Frencher (French) and Frenching.

French kiss technique

– Moisten your lips. Dry lips are rough and have an unpleasant adhesion. A single pass of the tongue over the lips will be enough to moisten them. regular use of a lip balm).

– Tilt your head. If your mouths will meet face to face, your noses will be in the way, the kiss will no longer be deep and tender. To avoid this, tilt your head to one side (the partner must tilt his head in the opposite direction).

– Close your eyes. While bringing your lips to your partner’s, look into his eyes, and then close your eyes. It can be a bit embarrassing to engage in a kiss with crossed eyes. It is not mandatory, but , to do this thing; some enjoy keeping their eyes open to see their partner in the act of kissing.

– Start with a delicate kiss, with closed lips. The French kiss involves opening the mouth, but you don’t have to suddenly launch into the hulpava grasp of your partner’s lips and mouth; the beginning of this kiss takes place gradually, step by step, so it would be advisable to open your lips little by little.

– Be sure of your partner’s approval. Kissing requires a bilateral agreement. You need to find out if your partner agrees to engage in a French kiss, you see many kisses of this type on okporn. Of course, you cannot verbally formulate the question “Can I stick my tongue in your mouth ?” , when your lips are touching. The partner’s consent must be requested through a non-verbal way. Open your mouth a little while kissing so that one of your partner’s lips is caught in the delicate tightness of your lips, and one lip of yours should also be positioned between your partner’s lips. While you close and open your lips on each other, gently caress your partner’s lips with your tongue. This will be a clear invitation to a French kiss. If your partner does not respond in the same way , means that he does not agree (for now) with this kind of kiss.

– Explore with your tongue. If you have come to enjoy the open-mouth kiss with your partner, try to slowly open your mouth even more and push your tongue even deeper into his mouth. The tongue is very sensitive and even the simple act of touching your partner’s can bring a very pleasant and stimulating sensation to both of you. this can often be felt as unpleasant. Instead of doing this, continue to indulge in the tender game of touching and caressing the tongues. If your partner wants more, he will definitely signal this to you.

– Do not rush ! Passionate kisses have their charm, but to really enjoy a French kiss, you have to do it slowly. Don’t rush, but give yourself as much time as possible to explore the other person’s mouth.

– Breathing. If the kiss lasts longer, you must resort to light breathing through the nose. As a state of comfort is established during the act of kissing, you can breathe easily directly into your partner’s mouth; sharing breaths can be a romantic and pleasant act.

– Variations on a given theme: the French kiss. Kisses are like flowers; nor is it identical to another. Once you have become familiar with the French kiss, you may be tempted to do the same thing repeatedly. You need to add the spice of variety to the kiss. You can concentrate for a while on a deep kiss and then give all your attention lips. Maintain the touch sometimes more, sometimes less and gradually initiate yourself in the art of kissing. If a certain type of kissing is more than satisfactory for both, you are not obliged to give up pleasure for the sake of diversity.

– Use your hands. If in the first moments of the kiss, the hands can sit properly next to the body, it is not necessary, after that, to keep them detached from the intimate contact of the lips. You can kiss your partner, you can (gently) take his face in your hands, you can caress his cheeks, or you can run a caressing hand through his hair. Another accompaniment to the kiss can be stroking your partner’s shoulders. The most important thing is not to leave your hands inert; they have to do something!

– Deciphers the partner’s body language. Each person has their own way of kissing and feeling the pleasure of the kiss. The difference between bad and good kisses can lie in understanding the other’s body language and in the appropriate response to the signals transmitted by it. Of course, if the partner seems, at some point, to feel uncomfortable, you have to understand this and let it be softer. Successful kisses require giving and receiving, so you have to pay attention to the reactions of the partner’s fine register. From time to time , let him take the initiative, and try to obey the way he understands the pleasure of kissing. Try to receive the auditory signals related to a certain kissing technique. A slight sigh or moan, or a response to a kiss, maybe be an indication of the partner’s pleasure and delight.

– Develop your style. An authentic French kiss, like other kisses, requires practice and practice. You will get better as you practice more. On the other hand, if you practice this kiss with one and the same person, the feeling this sensual contact will be more and more comfortable, being able to reach a style of couple that suits both of you and will satisfy both of you.

Talk about kissing. Many people have difficulty talking about intimate things, but communication is an essential aspect of a successful relationship. If you really like the way your partner kisses you, let them know. If something bothers you, say to your partner, but do it in a delicate way, praising at the same time other ways of kissing you.

Practical advice and precautions

– Freshen your breath. In any kiss, but especially in the case of the French one, a fresh breath is essential. You must comply with strict dental hygiene and don’t forget to carry a candy or mentholated gum.

-Teeth are very sensitive. You definitely don’t want to bump your partner’s teeth; it can be embarrassing, but also painful. It can happen, however, sometimes, in the passion of the moment. A technique that can bring a pleasant sensation to the partner (some still don’t like it) consists in stroking with the tongue the outer or inner part of his teeth.

– Be an active partner. If someone kisses you and you want this, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the partner. React to his actions, take the lead and direct the movement of the tongues and lips. If you don’t feel good in such a kiss , don’t be embarrassed to pull back or close your lips.

– There are no rules regarding the duration of a kiss. That’s all, when you no longer feel comfortable, when the pleasure disappears, stop the kiss; on the other hand, the joy of the kiss can be maintained for an indefinite time, until the separation of tongues and lips takes place slowly, usually through a silent consent of the partners.

-For some people, a tense tongue can be embarrassing, try to keep your lips and tongue as delicate and flexible as possible. Imagine and apply the way you lick an ice cream cone, don’t thrust your tongue forcefully into the other person’s mouth ( unless he likes this).

-During a French kiss, an excess of saliva may appear, which can destroy the magic of romantic moments. Try to periodically swallow the saliva, without interrupting the kiss. If you have problems doing this, do not hesitate to pull away for a few moments.

-If at any given moment there is a feeling of discomfort or dislike, or you do not agree with a certain initiative of the partner, stop the contact immediately and tell the partner that you want to stop. Be firm (a). It is neither a problem in saying “no”.

-Try not to bite your partner’s tongue!

-Avoid foods that leave an unpleasant taste such as garlic, onions, or milk.

-Attention! Choose your partner carefully. The exchange of saliva can favor the contracting of diseases transmitted orally, such as the human papilloma virus.